About JK Legal Forum !

The JK Legal Forum is a Jammu (J&K) based Legal website and is dedicated to providing information about all Judicial developments taking place all around in the erstwhile State of J&K. We believe that information plays a key role in bringing transparency and promotes awareness among the common masses. Judicial system plays an important role in our daily lives and making people aware of all Judicial developments is our main concern. In this digital age, dissemination of information over a digital platform has been proven to be the most robust and effective way to reach out to the masses and has far-reaching effects.

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About the Founder

Hillal Ahmed Mir, an Advocate by profession, is the founder of JK Legal Forum – a legal website based in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Being passionate about Computing and Web Development, Mr. Mir has developed this Website in order to create legal awareness by providing access to all the latest judgments passed by the Supreme Court and all the other High Courts of our Country.

Hillal Ahmed Mir, Advocate